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Garage Clean-Outs

5-Step Guide On How To Clear Out Your Garage From Junk

If you happen to own a garage, the chances are that you use it to store all of the junk and clutter that you couldn’t fit into the house otherwise. If you’re tired of your garage looking like a mess or being disorganized, here is our 5-step guide on how to clean up the garage effortlessly and quickly.

1. Empty Up Space

In order to clean up and organize your space, you need to have a look at what’s inside. To make things easier, start by emptying the entire room, which means you can sort things out in the driveway and then have a look at what’s in the storage pile.

2. Decide On Your Keep Items

Once you have a plain canvas to work with, start by prioritizing the items that you want to keep and items that no longer belong in your home. Make a list of the things you want to keep and decide on the items you have used multiple times in the past few months or years. Items that you should consider keeping are tools or gadgets or miscellaneous items that were heavily used in the past, items that are in excellent condition, and tools that you can’t seem to find or rent easily.

3. Decide On What To Do With The Clutter

The items that no longer made it to your keep list or stuff that isn’t needed anymore should be disposed of immediately, instead of having it stored in the yard for more extended periods. After the cleanup, you should label cardboard boxes or plastic bags into a garbage and a donation pile, so you can toss over the items in each of the categories they belong. For all of the trash you have lying around, it’s imperative that you rent a dumpster and dispose of the waste as soon as possible. If you have a few things that serve the same purpose and are also in pristine condition, you also have the option of either donating them to an organization or perhaps sell it out for a good deal.

4. Deep Clean

Once the clutter is out of the way, and the items have been categorized, it’s time to do a deep cleaning session of the garage. Start by wiping out the top of cabinets, cupboards, and counters. Dust the walls and doors and wipe them later on with a mixture of lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Next, sweep the floors to get rid of all the dust and then mop the floors for a final cleanup.

5. Organize

Now that you’re done take some time to organize your garage. We recommend investing in shelving units and making storage units for each category, such as gardening supplies, car tools, etc.

Cleaning up the garage can seem to be a very tiresome process, but rest assured, you can get the job done within no time with a few organizational skills.

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