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5 Tips to Declutter Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming and that means family, friends, and lots of delicious food. But it also means a lot of extra clutter in your home. If you’re not prepared, the chaos can easily take over. That’s why we’re going to give you 5 tips to declutter before the holidays hit. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the season without feeling overwhelmed by mess!

1. Start With One Small Area at a Time:

When you try to tackle the entire house at once, it can be overwhelming and discouraging. Instead, break up your project into smaller tasks. Choose one area of the home – like the living room or kitchen – and focus on that space first.

2. Create Three Piles:

As you go through each item in the area, create three piles – keep, donate, or trash. Be ruthless when sorting through your items and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. This will help reduce clutter and make organizing simpler.

3. Invest in Storage Containers:

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re keeping, it’s time to organize them into storage containers. Not only will this help you keep items within reach, but it’ll also make your space look more organized. Be sure to label each container so you know exactly where everything is.

4. Recycle and Donate:

After sorting through all of your belongings, be sure to recycle any plastic or paper products that are beyond repair and donate items that are still in good condition. This will help keep your home clean and clutter-free while also helping others in need.

5. Take Stock of Your Supplies:

With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to take stock of any supplies or decorations you may need. Make sure you have enough dishes, utensils, and decorations to make hosting easier. This will help prevent you from having to scramble at the last minute.

By following these five tips, you’ll be able to declutter your home before the holidays hit. You’ll have more space for family and friends and a less stressful season! With a little bit of preparation, you can make the most of your holiday celebrations. So get started, and happy decluttering!

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