There is a culture to Oahu that separates it from the States. It is an island not just miles apart by land and sea. It is the people, the Ohana, the Aloha lifestyle, that makes this Hawaiian island, a place of beauty, deeply rooted with historic stories and the modern day blend of different forms of art and business. In the daily living, from the Bay Area to New York, we get caught up in hamster wheel of life, running as quickly as we can, not stopping for moments long enough to enjoy life. We become producers instead of caretakers.
From the first time I visited Hawaii, as I got off the plane, I immediately dismissed conventional thinking and the preoccupations of work coupled with an entrenched focus on myself and what I can achieve. Instead of being fixated on the ladder I was climbing, I was now in a place that immediately calmed my spirit. The islands have a way of doing that it seems.
They stop us in our tracks. And, for some of us, we are drawn back to the islands and not just as a place to see, but rather to fulfill a vision, purpose to plant our own Ohana and spread the message of Aloha.
Aloha Junk Man Satisfied Customer Like many of us, Hawaii is but a season, a memory that we share with others. For me, it’s a reminiscent time in the morning alone in meditation and prayer, as I reminded there is a place where I once enjoyed the best cup of coffee. And, as much as many of us try, with our thematic art and ideas to replicate the culture of Hawaii, we never seem to bring it to life in the same way. Someday, I would love to return, and enjoy some great coffee (once again) with a couple of new friends, this time, in Kailua. As much as I would love to share my aspirations and travels, this is not my story.
This is the story of Aloha Junk Man, two men, Matt Beasley and Luke Trefny, teaching me the true meaning of Aloha and following the Father’s heart. As I sat in my office, I received a message from Matt. Both us having backgrounds in service companies and ministry, there was an immediate series of conversations that transpired over the course of a few weeks. Matt had a unique approach to business blending a servant’s heart for God, building a company based on generosity, giving back to those in need and a care for the island of Oahu. Here in the States, people talk about recycling and helping do their part for the environment, but Matt’s approach was different; he was not just creating a business, he was sowing seeds of service and spreading a message of Aloha through his daily work of driving a truck and collecting junk.
Matt was called to serve the island and the people of Oahu, but God had a much larger vision than just creating a job. Aloha Junk Man became not just a traditional service company, but a seed planted to grow servant-based leadership on the island and in the marketplace.
As the vision and demand grew, the Aloha Junk Man family needed to grow as well. Through a Bible study group led by Matt and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he met who would become his co-leader on creating a harvest of service and business for others in Oahu, Luke Trefny.
While Matt brought a background in biblical studies and ministry, Luke had years of experience in business and a knock at his heart from God to build something with the right alignment and guided Spirit of service and leadership. God brought these gentlemen together to take a vision that was birthed with Matt to truly be born again with a team, a family. Today, Aloha Junk Man esteems a set of standards to serve God’s people which reflects back from their faith, integrity and consistent acts of generosity. You will find them in their trucks serving every part of the island in Pearl City, Kapolei, Kaneohe, Honolulu, Mililani and Kailua. From the military residents of Oahu to property management companies to local business owners, Aloha Junk Man is ready to serve those in need and their local community organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, 808 CLEANUPS, K-Vibe and more.
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“I would venture to say the common person would not think that God would call them to be a ‘junk man,’ I know it was not something I would naturally consider. However, the longer I am in business, the more convinced I am that His hand is guiding my life. I fully believe I am fulfilling the purpose He has for me on this earth. God loves the lost in every sphere of influence and He desires to raise up messengers to encounter and bring His love to them right where they are. I have come to realize that I am one of those messengers.”
“I left my home in Czech Republic in search of peace. I knew there was more out there and I needed to follow my heart. I was willing to go where God led me, regardless of what others thought. I landed in Hawaii and knew it was home. I was an entrepreneur with past business experience, along with His calling led me to where I am today. Our Father is raising up sons and daughters to shine in the marketplace, to feel His love, one employee, household, vendor and business owner at a time. I believe it is through Him we connect with every job, every vendor. God provides for us.”
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