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6 Types of Junk Every Home Owner Should Avoid

It’s easy to accumulate junk in your home. We all have old clothes, shoes, and books that we don’t wear or read anymore. We have unfinished projects that we never seem to get around to finishing. And of course, there are leftovers from our last party sitting in the fridge for weeks on end! But if you want your home to be a sanctuary, it’s important not to let these things take over until they become overwhelming and messy. It takes some discipline, but it is possible! Here are 6 types of junk every homeowner should avoid:

1. Junk Mail

It is important to toss or recycle junk mail as soon as you open it. If you’re not sure about the contents of an item, throw it out right away! You can always make a quick call to confirm what needs to be done with that letter/magazine before throwing it in the trashcan.

2. Old Clothes, Shoes & Books

Old clothes, shoes, and books are items that can be donated to a local charity. You might not think you have the time or energy for this task, but it will free up your home of clutter and provide some relief during the spring cleaning process!

It would help if you also considered donating unused household goods like old furniture or appliances while you’re already sorting your items into the donation pile. This will free up more space than you’d think!

3. Unfinished Projects

There are a lot of unfinished projects sitting around your home that you’re never going to finish. These items range from crafts we started in college, old art pieces, and other hobbies gone stale.

These need to be given away or sold because they have become junk after taking up space for months on end! You can also donate these types of items as well.

4. Leftovers In Your Fridge

If you know you’re never going to eat that leftover lasagna, it’s time to say goodbye.

The same goes for when your leftovers have been sitting in the fridge for weeks on end – even if they were delicious at first. That food needs to be disposed of or donated because it has become junk!

5. Expired Food

If you haven’t eaten it in the last two or three months, the chances are good that you won’t be consuming those expired eggs and milk.

Throw out all of your foods if they have been past their expiration date! They will only cause more clutter as time goes on, so get rid of them now.

6. Out Of Date Medications

It is very important to get rid of expired medications and medicines. Not only should you be throwing out your old prescriptions, but also any other leftover medications that are no longer needed by a family member or friend (i.e., antibiotics).

If you need Aloha Junk Man’s help getting your old junk out of the way, give us a call today! Aloha Junk Man services Oahu, Hawaii, and surrounding areas. Call our team today at 808-940-0809 or visit our website www.AlohaJunkMan.com to learn more about our appliance removal services!


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