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7 Tips on How to Remove Your Old or Broken Appliances

Sometimes, things happen. Appliances get old and break down. Appliances that were once shiny and new are now covered in cobwebs and dust bunnies. Appliances that you used to be able to count on have failed on you completely and won’t turn on anymore. When the time has come for you to say goodbye, make sure you remove your appliances properly by following these 7 tips!


Appliances that are broken should be recycled. If your appliances still have useable parts on them, please recycle the appliance and any usable parts so they can live on in some other place! Safeguard against potential environmental hazards by sorting all of your recycling into appropriate bins for each material type–paper or cardboard, glass jars, and bottles.


Appliances that have no useable parts on them should go into your local landfill or trash service. Appliances take up space in the dump that could otherwise be used for landfills, but always make sure to try and recycle where possible.


If you don’t want to deal with disposing of your old appliance, there are a number of places in the state where you can drop off your old appliances. Appliance Recycling Centers are the perfect place to bring your broken or unused appliance for proper disposal, and they’re located throughout Hawaii!

Bringing It Back To The Manufacturer:

Most manufacturers will recycle your old appliances at no charge to you, and Appliance Removal Services will bring them back for you. This is a huge help if you don’t have the equipment or time to get it done on your own!


If an appliance is broken but still runs well, Appliance Recycling Centers recommend waiting until there’s a large enough event in your life that would warrant buying new appliances altogether. Appliances are built with better technology now than ever before, so most people who upgrade their appliances within five years of purchase usually see little difference between those they’re replacing and what they bought. Appliance Recycling Centers recommends updating yourself about these changes every few months by checking out their website!

Appliance Removal Services:

If you don’t think you have the equipment to haul away your old appliance independently, Appliance Removal Services are a great option. Appliance removal services will come to your house with the proper equipment and take away all of your old appliances for you! Aloha Junk Man services Oahu, Hawaii, and surrounding areas. Call our team today at 808-940-0809 or visit our website www.AlohaJunkMan.com to learn more about our appliance removal services!

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