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Construction Debris Removal

How to Safely Dispose of Construction Debris

Sometimes to build something up, the old structure or material must be broken down and discarded. Whether it’s a wall between rooms to expand the square footage or to create a whole new extension off the side of a house – or for commercial buildings, fixing a parking lot and renovating the working space, these tend to generate a good amount of debris. Broken-up concrete, dirt, drywall, metal frames, etc., need their proper place outside the construction site. When the work is done, it’s time for all discarded material to be hauled away.


Out with the Old
Debris removal is more than just picking up and hauling a bulk of rocky bits and pieces away. Concrete is meant to last for long periods of time against brutal weather and heavy amounts of weight and traffic. It often takes a lot of skilled manpower and the appropriate tools to break down and remove concrete. Concrete may be strong, and broken concrete can be more hazardous, full of cracks and potholes; it is best handled by professionals to avoid any complications.


Proper Disposal 
Here at Aloha Junk Man, we transport it to a place that takes concrete and old construction material once we haul concrete away. When possible, we recycle items to avoid going into the landfills, keeping our island clean and safe from hazardous or dangerous items.


Lumber in the Yard
Hawai’i does not have access to as many resources as the continental states when it comes to wood and other materials. If you need wood for a project, and it’s not from a native tree, your options can often be limited especially if there is a shortage or backlog on deliveries. That’s why recycling wood is essential for construction. Some wood may be too far gone to reuse immediately. Still, once it’s gone through a professional process, even old lumber can, at times, be turned into acceptable plywood sheets or even more solid wood products like pallets. It is a good practice to keep the island green and reuse what’s already been cut down and made available.


Cut the Deck
If you’re looking to reduce your yard space or replace an old deck, we know the safest way to tear one down quickly and efficiently. It’s piece by piece, one board at a time, from the banisters to the floors and then the siding and supports; we take care of it all.  Decks are built to withstand a lot of weight and weather over a long period of time. Especially on tropical land, solid wooden decks need to be highly weatherproof. That kind of treatment on wood makes recycled parts valuable and easy to redistribute.
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For your next remodel or demolition project at your home or business, give us a call or book online. Here at Aloha Junk Man, it is our job to serve our community, take care of the island and help great customers like you. You can reach us via call or text at (808) 940-0809 or find us on the web at AlohaJunkMan.com.

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